For the first time, the Espaces Louis Vuitton in Paris, Tokyo and Munich are offering a joint program with each Espace inviting a female artist to work in situ.

This unprecedented proposal is more of an experience than an exhibition: three guest artists have taken their own “personal” space to develop their work publicly and in situ. The Espaces have become open studios, where visitors can view the artwork in progress.

IN SITU-1 represents an innovating format for the Espaces Louis Vuitton on various levels. As Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO at Louis Vuitton, says: “A defined passion for creation has always been at the core of Louis Vuitton, which translates into the idea of witnessing how new work materializes and share the experience of the creative process”. For the first edition, three female artists were chosen, continuing the house’s commitment to pay tribute to outstanding women in various creative disciplines.

The Espace culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris leads the way with Andrea Bowers who has been working since June. Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo and Munich launch this experience in September by welcoming South Korean artist Min-Jeong Seo and Malaysian artist Simryn Gill, respectively.

In Tokyo, Min-Jeong Seo will open the door to her ‘studio’ for about four months to share her experience of working in situ with the audience and show the progress of her work. She establishes a bold dialogue between creation and destruction with poetic and highly symbolic installations. By sculpting, breaking and scraping fragile materials such as polystyrene or porcelain, the artist evokes fragility and uncertainty of life, and notions of instant and time.

Each specific project starts out as a blank page that will evolve over time, and visitors are encouraged to come back to regularly to follow the creative process step-by-step, from genesis to showing, including the actual creation.

To choose the three guest artists, the Espaces had the support of a selection committee composed by six art professionals from all over the world. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Diane Hennebert (Belgium), Yves Michaud (France), Aomi Okabe (Japan), Nanak Ganguly (India), Jessica Morgan (UK) and Jens Hoffmann (USA) for their involvement in this project.

We also wish to thank Andrea Bowers, Min-Jeong Seo and Simryn Gill for their enthusiastic participation in this singular artistic experience, which keeps the creative process at the very centre of its focus.


©Louis Vuitton/Jérémie Souteyrat

Min-Jeong Seo

Min-Jeong Seo was born in 1972 in Busan, Korea and now lives and works in Berlin.
Her wealth of knowledge in printmaking, ceramic, and fine art allows her to express herself in various types of media including drawing, video, photography, sculpture, object, and installation with a varied range of materials. Moreover, her academic background and experience in her home country, in Japan and in Germany give her transcultural and universal perspective.
Her most recent work Sum in a Point of Time III, a huge installation made of polystyrene, presented at the Aichi Triennale 2013 (Nagoya, Japan) is still fresh in the viewer’s memory. This white ruins-like blowing architecture in the track of Summe im Augenblick (Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2010) has a simple and yet dramatic and poetic atmosphere, making reference to her most important themes in creation - the notion of time (instant, past, or future) and the ephemerality and uncertainty of life.
Her pieces were also presented in other solo shows (Fired White, Insa Art Space, Korea in 2012; Porous Hands, Perron 1, Delden, Netherland, 2010) and group shows worldwide (Home Works 6, Beirut, Lebanon, 2013; Another Chain Bridge, Korean Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary, 2013).

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